Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ugly Duckling - 'Journey To Anywhere'

Basically, a really good bet for some fun and clean Hip Hop is Ugly Duckling. They've put out a few quality albums now and they've got everything - sun-drenched old-school samples provided by Young Einstein and both hilarious and serious song concepts courtesy of Andy Cat and Dizzy Dustin.

I can't remember how I was first put onto the group, but I think it was when I read/heard that they were similar to J5 (I don't think they really are though). Anyway, if I remember correctly I bought the album in Iceland on a school trip, or if that's not true, then we definitely played it alot whilst we were there, using the 'Introduckling' as a (very loud, right in the ear) wake up call to shock lazy boys out of bed.

In terms of Clean Cuts on this album it's pretty much all clean. 'Pick-Up Lines' is a collection of pick-up lines, uses the phrase 'super-ho' (when referring to a man) and is about chatting up girls although it has a good message and is not derogatory. At the end of 'Dizzy' there is two edited-out swear words but they are hardly obvious. It's your call on those two tracks but the rest is lovely and clean - get bumping!

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